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Celgenics Organic Vegan Skincare is infused with healing energy!

Celgenics was created and developed by Marian Bourne BSc (Hons), Nutritional Therapist, Clinical Kinesiologist and Cranio Sacral Therapist.

Out of my work with many clients in my practice, who wanted help with their health problems  it became increasingly obvious that if  the ‘energy medicine’ remedies I used worked when taken orally,  they would also work if they were absorbed in skincare. After all, this is how hormone patches work!” 

Organic Vegan Skincare

In addition to being a range of organic vegan skincare, all Celgenics creams are infused with  the healing energy  from vibrational energy medicine.  The biochemical frequencies and vibrational information was chosen to specifically help with skin repair and rejuvenation.  Many women have reported that expression lines and wrinkles appear softer as the overall tone and texture of the skin improves.

We achieved this result because we have included the vibrational information from Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Co Q10, Vitamin C, B vitamins, Elastin and many more skin restorative agents. Each of these in its own right is important; when combined together they create a powerful, energetic matrix for skin rejuvenation.

The crystal energy we have used comes from:

• Aventurine – a soft, soothing, general healer. It helps with stress and to heal emotional pain.

• Granite – for skin regeneration. It helps to balance yin/yang energy.

• Sandstone – to help with the supply of nutrition to connective tissue.

• Red Quartz – to amplify the energy of the other crystal energies; it stimulates the natural crystal in body tissues to resonate at healthy frequencies and supports chakra energy.

The Flower remedy energies help with Joy, Spiritual Clarity and Stress. They include Crab Apple, Star tulip, Holly, Pine, Sagebrush, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Rock Rose, Arnica. A lovely mix of truly beautiful, soothing remedies.

Vegan and Gluten free Skincare

As a therapist for 20 years working with many clients who had problems such as IBS and Coeliac Disease, all the moisturisers are gluten free.  Despite the conventional view that gluten sensitivity is a gut problem, many people find they are also intolerant to gluten in skincare as well.