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“There is something beautiful in the way the Celgenics Night Cream interacts with your skin.. its like the skin welcomes every drop of it and doesn’t feel heavy like most creams. I also found myself having a deep sleep and looking a lot more refreshed in the morning”

Darshana Ubl, CEO Entrevo UK

I just wanted to write and say how thankful I am for your very informative responses to my queries about your moisturisers containing wheat or gluten.    You kindly researched this to a level that made me feel completely safe and confident in purchasing your product, knowing and feeling satisfied that there was no wheat or gluten in it.

Upon receiving the Moisturiser Plus I love the product and my skin just drinks it up – I am very happy with it, thank you.  Best of all, no reactions, it is so gentle;  you can feel the goodness going in!  There are so many ingredients out there but firstly, knowing that yours are not toxic is a big bonus but then further knowing there is no wheat or gluten is excellent news!

Thanks once again for your understanding and caring attitude to my enquiry, excellent customer service and, of course, for your wonderful product!
K – Essex

I liked Eye Essential straight away because I feel it carries a lovely energy, and having now used it for several days I can see the difference it is making to the appearance and texture around my eyes. My eyes look brighter and the skin feels tighter. Some of the fine lines I have started to develop are less noticeable. I also have sensitive skin and eyes but the cream has not irritated me at all.

“I have used Celgenics moisturiser light and Eye cream for several months and now I have both I won’t use anything else. I have very sensitive skin which makes it difficult to find creams that don’t cause stinging and redness. Both creams are wonderfully light and easy to absorb. As you need such a small amount, they also last for a very long time. I have known Marian Bourne for many years as a practitioner. She has enormous integrity and I would implicitly trust any product that she produces. I know the main places quality Celgenics before her own profit or gain ”

“This is the most magical face moisturizer.The energy that springs from the cream as soon as you place it onto your face is amazing.With just a small amount applied it keeps your face smooth and moist all day. Which is amazing for me, as I live in a climate where it is very dry.The ingredients are so pure and so energized by Marian’s love and energy.It is a real delight to use every day.”
Vivien S-M

‘Having tried a number of night creams over the years I decided to try Celgenics and found it has really suited my skin. My skin type is dry to normal and when I first used Celgenics it was following a long haul flight , I had jet lag at the time and my skin was more de hyrdrated than usual. I actually found that my jet lag eased. I would confidently recommend this fabulous product.

“I first started using the Celegenics Moisturiser Plus two months ago and my skin feels firmer and smoother. The wrinkles that I had are gone and my skin looks and feels much healthier. I will
continue to use Celegenics products”

“Firstly I have never written or commented on a product before but felt I just had to this time. I purchased my creams about 8 weeks ago and wow what a difference. My skin looks alive, my
expression lines have softened, my pores more refined and a lovely rosy glow. I am a total convert and will never use anything else on my skin after years of trying to find a product that will address all my issues”.

“So glad to learn that Celgenics is going so well. I’m not surprised – I love it, especially Eye Essential which I find so smooth and soothing ….. Probably as a consequence of over exposure to the sun in Menorca I had developed some blemishes on my face. Having used your moisturiser for the past three or four months two have disappeared and the third is no longer uncomfortable”.

“The Celgenics night cream makes my skin feel so alive in the morning compared to the one I used to have. The irritation I used to feel and tightness are now much less as well. The face cream wash and toner are wonderful as they feel light and refreshing. Love the smell.”

“I love Celgenics cream and its importance to me above all, is benefiting from the goodness it exudes. I have more energy and start each day feeling happy!”

“I have been using the moisture plus cream for 4 weeks now. I can see & feel my skin texture has improved, the fine lines have diminished and the stronger ones have softened. This product is
pleasant to apply leaving the skin feeling nourished. Being an advocate of Dr Bachs remedy I am impressed with the ingredients used – I`m sure these help with the calming effect, as does the delicate perfume. The container delivers the right amount without wastage, & looks attractive. A highly recommendable product, well worth it`s cost.”

“If you are looking for an affordable luxurious cream that not only beautifully improves your skin but makes you feel like a pampered Goddess look no further than Celgenics. Both the Moisturizer Plus and Eye Essential creams are must have’s as far as I am concerned. As someone who has been through more creams than I care to mention due to allergic reactions and hyper sensitivity both of these moisturize and absorb fabulously without stickiness or irritation and besides for some reason every single time I put the moisturizer on it brings a smile to my face and pleasurable sigh at just how good it feels!”
Miranda Gibson, freelance journalist

“I’ve been using the celgenics night cream for over 6 months now and have found it to make an enormous difference to my life! The quality and depth of my sleep has improved immensely along
with a clearer complexion and overall skin health. During a break from the cream of about a month I really noticed a difference in my skin softness and general glow so shall not be making the mistake again! I truly believe celgenics have created an unbelievable and unique product which I feel very privileged to be able to use – so thank you.”