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Stress and Skincare

You might have seen an article in The Times on Saturday 28th September talking about stress and its impact on our health. But what about your skin, stress and skincare, what’s the connection?

Stress and skincare are intimately linked, how many of us get flare ups when we’re under stress?  Today we are bombarded with stresses never before experienced in history. These are just a few of the ‘energy thieves’ we learn to live with: Emotional stress, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sugar, caffeine, acute and chronic infections ie yeast/bacterial/parasites, fear, anxiety, depression, poor diet and junk food to name just a few!

Stress, no matter where it comes from, affects us on MANY levels. Stress is coped with by your adrenal glands and depending on the level of stress they have to deal with, the rest of your body will try to compensate and adapt – we’re hard wired to survive!

Stress and skincare  go hand in hand; the hormones involved, in particular adrenalin and cortisol, can impact your skin directly and indirectly.
Adrenalin diverts blood away from your skin so it doesn’t receive proper nutrition.
Emotional stress stimulates hormonal changes and you break out in spots.
Stress causes muscle tightness and slows down the blood flow to your skin.
Excess cortisol lowers your immune system and your skin is more prone to infection.

Most of us live with stress, the issue for our health and our skin is how we handle it.