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Skin brushing

Skin Brushing – What’s not to love!

I know, your mornings are already filled with ‘action’ from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you arrive at work, so the last thing you need is something extra ‘to do’.

These extra 5 minutes can make all the difference to your health AND your skin.

‘ Why’ you’re asking….well, your skin receives a third of all the blood that’s circulating so whatever is in your blood will be delivered to your skin. And your skin is your largest organ of detoxification.

So skin brushing makes sense.

Not only does it make sense but you will actually feel the benefits.

Dry body brushing sheds the old dead skin cells and allows new cells to come to the surface. That means you have smoother and clearer skin.

You improve blood circulation to the area and you encourage lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system is like the hoover in your body – it transports lymph, a clear and colourless fluid that contains the white blood cells which help your body get rid of toxins, cellular waste and other unwanted materials.

What is the one problem that practically every single woman complains of? It doesn’t matter whether she’s tall, short, sporty and fit, fat and lazy, loves raw food or lives on carbs. The answer is cellulite. Skin brushing really helps to smooth out those dimpled areas on your legs.

Dry skin brushing opens up the pores and allows your skin to ‘breathe’ so no more clogged pores and flaky skin.

How often should you do it?
Every single day. Your skin needs to be dry so the ideal time is just before a shower. If you stand on a mat or large piece of paper, you can see how much skin comes off – yes, it sounds disgusting looking at all your dead skin, but it’s interesting to see how much comes off – you’ll most likely be horrified! A complete skin brush should take no more than 5 minutes.

Direction of brushing?
Brushing should always be towards the heart because lymphatic fluid flows towards the heart, so it’s important that you brush in the same direction.
Make long, sweeping movements starting from your feet and moving up the legs on both sides towards your heart. Brush from fingertips up towards your chest. Over your stomach, brush clockwise so that you follow the direction of your colon. Areas not to be brushed are your face, throat and any areas where the skin is broken or inflamed. Be aware of the softer more sensitive skin around the chest and breasts and never brush over sun burnt skin or skin cancer.
Be careful not to brush too vigorously! It’s not meant to be red or irritated.

Type of brush
Use a brush with natural bristles, not synthetic. The bristles need to be stiff but not too hard and it’s useful to have one with a handle you can attach for the difficult areas to reach on your back.

After you’ve finished
Make sure you have a shower to wash away all the loosened dead skin cells. If you alternate hot and cold water you increase circulation to the skin. Finish with cold water.

The benefits you’ll feel far outweigh the extra 5 minutes you need every morning.
You can help both your health and your skin. Often we don’t realise how important our health is until we lose it.