Award Winning Eye Essential


A Beauty Bible Award Winner and ‘Janey Loves’ Award

Beauty Bible tester comments:

“Fine lines did disappear, so much that I had to use on both eyes after four weeks as the difference was so obvious, reduced dark circles to barely noticeable, eyes looked brighter, more awake and alive, ten years younger.”

“Make-up went on really well after 10-15 minutes, fine lines improved and much softer, wrinkles more diffused and not as harsh-looking; tested eye slightly brighter, and softness helps to create “lift”, smooths eyelids”

“Liked the modern packaging, which delivered a specific amount of very light, well-absorbed cream; foundation easily applied over it; lovely to use”

“Puffiness reduced – one of the most powerful effects, tightening feeling on application, and dark circles much improved although I’ve been really tired; good long-lasting hydration”


I developed this luxury  eye cream as a powerful treatment  for the delicate skin around the eyes which is often the first sign of ageing. It softens the appearance of wrinkles and improves the colour and tone of the area; puffiness and dark circles are reduced by the active ingredients we use. Here are the key ingredients and why they work:

Organic Apricot oil is a classic oil for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin and helps skin feel soft and smooth. It contains Essential Fatty acids which skin cells need to retain their youthful qualities, one of which is skin elasticity. With vitamin E and vitamin B17 [amygdalin] it works as an anti-oxidant against free radical damage.

Organic Rosehip oil contains 20-35{65a57506609aa0efed700b6ceb08b24babd736fd82358ec90408c527d3f6adbc} Alpha Linolenic Acid, an essential fatty acid that is anti inflammatory and very effective in regulating water loss and protecting the skin from injury and damage.

Squalane derived from organic olive oil. Squalane is found naturally in skin up to the age of about 25 when it then starts to decline. It helps to protect the skin from moisture loss and helps to smooth rough skin and hydrate dry and ageing skin.

Organic Avocado oil is rich in sterolins which help soften skin and give a deep moisturising effect. It contains lecithin, beta carotene, vitamin E and Pantothenic acid [Vit B5]. It gives valuable lustre to tired and dull skin so is extremely good for dry and mature skin especially if it can be left on overnight. It helps to maintain moisture in the skin by stopping transepidermal water loss. The Sterolins are reputed to reduce age spots and help heal sun damage.

Caprylic triglyceride, Spilanthes Acmella flower extract is rich in alkylamides, they boost the properties of fibroblasts in the skin which stimulate and maintain the natural structural integrity of connective tissue – in other words they firm and add density.

Vitamin E is the most abundant, fat soluble anti oxidant found in human skin. Initially it accumulates in the sebaceous glands and then passes to the skin surface through sebum. Oily skin types have higher levels of Vitamin E in their skin and it declines in all skin types with age. Its role is to repair and protect cell membranes against free radical damage.

Organic Witchhazel contains tannins, saponins and glycosides. It helps to strengthen veins and capillaries, it reduces inflammation and has natural properties that tone and tighten the skin.

Organic Eyebright has a long history of being used as an anti inflammatory and is used for puffiness and swelling around the eyes. It contains Vitamins B, C, E, beta carotene, tannins and flavonoids so helps negate free radical damage.

We believe that Celgenics’ ability to make a difference to your skin is due to us infusing each formulation with healing energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences, beautiful semi-precious stones and light waves. This is alchemy in action – energy medicine transforming and energising to deliver superb results. This really is a revolutionary formula – creating an energised, organic and vegan eye cream that has such a profound effect on your skin is not only our pleasure, but a labour of love. A great addition to our vegan skin care range.


About Beauty Bible Awards

All products submitted to the Beauty Bible are independently tested.  The testing groups are women who want specific help with one particular problem. In the case of the Eye Essential, all the women wanted an anti wrinkle eye cream. They were asked to apply the cream to one eye only so they could make a comparison. What more can we say, it worked!


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