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Deep Cleansing Lotion, Organic, suitable all skin types


A deep cleansing lotion that’s suitable for very sensitive skin, combination and oily skin.

Works deep into the pores to gently dissolve make-up and dirt. Our ‘energy
recipe’ encourages lymphatic drainage of the skin. You can use either water or a
tissue for removing this cleanser; it easily lifts off dirt and make-up. Leaves your
face feeling very clean. Great for all ages and all skin types.

Proper cleansing is key to having gorgeous skin. I consider this formulation to be the best organic cleanser for dry skin and in fact all skin types that I’ve created so far. It was created for women (like me) with very sensitive skin. It’s a luxurious, rich and creamy cleanser with the finest botanical ingredients for gentle yet intensive cleansing. It works at a deep level to cleanse pores and leave your skin feeling wonderfully fresh and clean.

The active botanical ingredients in Celgenics Deep Cleansing Lotion are:

  • Organic sweet almond oil, which is suitable for all skin types, softens and moisturises.
  • Organic castor oil, which is superb for lifting out dirt.
  • Organic aloe vera, rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals as well as Aloin which is known for its healing properties.
  • Natural vitamin E, which is fat soluble and is important to protect cell membranes against free radical damage. Its role is to repair and prevent widespread damage to cell membranes.

We believe that Celgenics’ ability to make a difference to your skin is due to infusing each formulation with healing energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences, beautiful semi-precious stones and light waves. This is alchemy in action – energy medicine transforming and energising to deliver superb results not only from our sensitive skin cleanser, but fro all of our other products too.