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Night Essential – Anti Ageing Organic Night Cream that helps you sleep


This helps you sleep!

Besides being a great night cream, I programmed Celgenics Night Essential with remedies such as Valerian to help you sleep.

It’s a rich, light moisturiser with active anti-oxidants that act to replenish and repair whilst you’re asleep. Lavender and Rose Otto, combined with melatonin and valerian in our ‘energy recipe’, help with sleep and the effects of stress at the end of the day. It’s suitable for all skin types and age.


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The Best Anti Ageing Night Cream

Celgenics Night Essential is a luxury anti wrinkle night cream formulation that is designed to maximise the natural properties of skin cells which do their repair work whilst you sleep – this is when skin cell regeneration is highest, collagen production increases and damage from harmful free radicals is repaired. It’s also a time when we lose moisture from the skin.

Celgenics Night Essential natural night cream is infused with the vibrational signatures of plants such as Valerian and energetically programmed to help you sleep. In case you think this isn’t possible, it’s worth remembering that the Bach Flower Remedies work on the same principle of addressing emotional and physical states with an ‘energy’ remedy.

The active botanical ingredients in Celgenics Night Essential are:

  • Organic apricot oil contains vitamin E and vitamin B17 [amygdalin] which work as anti-oxidants against free radical damage and which is easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Organic avocado oil is effective for anti ageing due to its anti oxidant properties. It’s rich in vitamins A, D, E , Lecithin and Sterolins [plant steroids] that help to soften skin and  deliver intense hydration. The Sterolins are reputed to also reduce age spots and help heal sun damage. It’s very effective for skin that is tired and dry or lacks lustre and shine.
  • Organic green tea contains polyphenols which give anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant  protection. It also contains methylxanthines which stimulate blood flow and so facilitate delivery of the active ingredients to the cells.
  • Natural vitamin E which is fat soluble and is important to protect cell membranes against free radical damage. Its role is to repair and prevent widespread damage to cell membranes.
  • Squalane derived from organic Olive oil. Squalane is found naturally in skin up to the age of about 25 when it then starts to decline. It helps to protect the skin from moisture loss and helps to smooth rough skin and hydrate dry and ageing skin.
  • Rose Otto is known to calm nerves, reduce stress and anxiety. It can help insomnia and is very soothing for skin.
  • Lavender is anti-inflammatory, decongestant, it stimulates growth of new skin cells and is soothing for all skin types.

We believe that Celgenics’ ability to make a difference to your skin is due to infusing each formulation with healing energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences, beautiful semi-precious stones and light waves. This is alchemy in action – energy medicine transforming and energising to deliver superb results.