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Award Winning Moisturiser Plus + Energy Elixir No 3 for Toning and Firming


A new concept in skincare that delivers results through working with the electromagnetic field of the body.

Feedback from our panel of testers:

” …..definitely feel my skin feels firmer”
“…friends have commented on my improved appearance”

If you like ‘thinking outside the box’, if you use Homeopathy or Flower Essences then  you already know that energy medicine works!

Out of 20 years in private practice using energy medicine to change women’s lives, I have created skin medicine, an Elixir that tones and firms your skin and it works.

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Celgenics Elixir No. 3 for Firming and Toning


“Yes!! Pores are diminished in general. Lines appear to be softer and skin smoother overall”.

“Yes – much better sense of continual feeling of hydration”.

“My skin feels lovely and soft to touch and you can definitely feel my skin feels firmer”.

“My skin seems to tighten especially around the eyes…….. Friends have commented on my improved appearance”.

“Smoother, firmer and a bit softer too”…… the question of difference in firmness “ yes most definitely”.

“More toned but at age 79 I do not expect miracles!”

“I did not expect this product to be so good. I have very dry menopausal / thyroid skin and have previously used a heavy night moisturizer. I truly thought this would be too lightweight for my skin but I found it a brilliant product and sad the trial has ended. Can’t wait to buy some as I am missing it already”.

“To my surprise, yes! It’s the first time I’ve ever used something like this [toning and firming cream] but I think it really did make a difference over the month – and I smoothed it on my neck too which I feel also benefitted”.

This Energy Elixir for firming and toning is like skin medicine and I love the fact that you can apply it  straight onto – and into – your skin.   It works in synergy with Moisturiser Plus – Organic, Vegan and winner of Best Facial Moisturiser

Thousands of years ago our ancestors understood intuitively the idea of energy for healing, which until recently has been derided and ridiculed because of lack of evidence. However, as we now know, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

As Arthur Schopenhauer famously said, truth passes through three phases:

• First it is ridiculed.
• Second it is fiercely and violently opposed.
• Third, it becomes self-evident.