Award winning Moisturiser Plus


Platinum Award winner.

Tester’s comments:

“This felt very sumptuous, nourishing and beautifully moisturising, especially on mature skin”.

Celgenics Moisturiser Plus utilises a rich blend of organic plant oils and anti-oxidants has been specially formulated for skin that’s really dry and needs lots of moisturising. It improves the texture and feel of skin and is perfect for creating a well moisturised base before applying make up.

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Award Winning Anti Ageing Moisturiser

This organic, energised and vegan anti-ageing moisturiser was the very first product we made. A client who couldn’t use conventional skincare asked me to tailor-make an anti-ageing moisturiser for her. Her skin was very dry and needed lots of moisturising. I created a cream that would give her lots of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is one of our best selling products because it’s so effective.

The active ingredients in Celgenics Organic Anti-Ageing Moisturiser Plus are:

  • Co Q10   which is an important anti-oxidant giving protection against free radicals and is crucial for the production of energy [ATP] in the body.
  • Zinc which is important for the production of collagen.
  • MSM which contains sulfur which is needed to produce collagen.
  • Thistle oil contains 80{65a57506609aa0efed700b6ceb08b24babd736fd82358ec90408c527d3f6adbc} Linoleic Acid which the body converts to Gamma Linolenic Acid, an Essential Fatty Acid.
  • Panthenol [Vitamin B5] helps to repair cells and synthesise essential fatty acids. It’s an effective moisturiser because it binds water in the outer layer of the skin, nails and hair.

Like the rest of the Celgenics range, Celgenics Organic Anti-Ageing Moisturiser Plus anti-ageing face cream has been infused with a 21st century ‘energy recipe’ created from homeopathic remedies (like Collagen), crystals, flower essences and vibrational information that the body can resonate with and use for repair and rejuvenation. As an anti-ageing moisturiser it is probably unique.

We believe that Celgenics’ ability to make a difference to your skin is due to us infusing each formulation with healing energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences, beautiful semi-precious stones and light waves. This is alchemy in action – energy medicine transforming and energising to deliver superb results.