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An assorted selection of Celgenics’ media appearances.

Celgenics featured in Sunday Mail, February 2014


Celgenics featured in International Lifestyle Magazine


Celgenics featured in Luxuria Lifestyle


Eye Essential natural eye cream featured on Style Nest


Celgenics featured on


Whatever your view on holistic therapies, there’s no doubting that the Celgenics’ products are extremely powerful. Four days after the facial my skin feels clearer, smoother and noticeably brighter. And who doesn’t want a bit of love, peace and healing in their life now and again?

Celgenics Couture Facials on


Celgenics in Letter from Serendipity

Marian’s products are about as organic as you can get. She uses spring water, instead of distilled water (anyone who knows the Bach Flower Remedies will be impressed with Rock Water, part of the Rescue remedy). There is nothing nasty; only good stuff.

And people are luvin’ it!

Many people are unable to wear ‘normal’ cosmetics or use traditional skin care products. Their skin becomes itchy, red or blotchy and they often feel nauseous, due to the chemicals absorbed. Marian started by making up creams without the use of any toxic additives. The creams were a great success, with many people being able to use a moisturiser for the first time ever!

Celgenics founder, Marian Bourne, featured in the Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic in the Daily Mail

Celgenics' Marian Bourne featured in the Daily Mail

Marian Bourne featured in the Daily Mail

 Celgenics featured in TopStylista

Celgenics in TopStylista

…”We’ve now used it for a month and have to say that it feels fantastic, especially in this cold weather when our skin is so horribly dry. The cream itself has a gorgeous texture and applies incredibly well. It also lasts all day […] Do we like it? WE LOVE IT!”

Celgenics featured in Wellbeing magazine


Celgenics Moisturiser Light featured in Harper’s Bazaar


Eye Essential moisturiser featured in Craig’s Beauty Blog

Celgenics moisturisers mentioned in the Sun

Eye Essential moisturiser in SensiChic


The cream slides on smoothly and feels refreshing on application – packed with a powerful combination of active antioxidants and plant oils, such as Organic Apricot and Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and K. Soothing essential oils of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Lemon and Lavender bring about a sense of relaxation… that’s what I like to hear!

Celgenics featured in Diplomat magazine

Celgenics was featured in the November 2010 issue of Diplomat magazine.