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What Mask do you wear?

Sitting looking at these amazing rocks, open to the sea and the elements, made me think about how we women put on our Masks – the face we present to the world.
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Many women feel embarrassed to be seen without make- up, it is literally a mask, a protective shield that defines how they want to be seen and perceived.

This is not a new phenomenon. Women have always worn jewellery or some form of decoration; you have only to go and look in the British Museum at the jewellery found by archaeologists, so it’s a small, short step to putting ‘decoration’ on our faces.

The problem for some women is that the face they present becomes ‘who’ they are, without it they feel vulnerable and anxious about revealing their flaws and imperfections. And as the saying goes “as above so below” so what we manifest outwardly to the world can become our internal world as well. We feel an increasing pressure to be perfect, to conform to the ever increasing messages of looking younger than our age; no wonder cosmetic surgery is such a huge industry.

So where does this leave us?

Stressed, feeling vulnerable and lacking self-esteem would tick the boxes for many women and they’re not conducive to having good health. Stress is now recognised as a major factor in many diseases and how we handle stress is key to our wellbeing.

Not having botox, not being airbrushed, not having photos touched up and being completely happy with herself is Helen Mirren, a wonderful role model for us all!

Next time: more about “as above so below”