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Organic Skin Care is here to stay!

As the evenings get dark and we draw the curtains on the world outside, now’s a good time to go through all the make-up you haven’t used and will never use! Because although that lipstick looked great in the shop, when you got it home the colour didn’t quite match; the eye shadow you bought that just wasn’t quite right – chuck them out! Keep all your organic skin care and get rid of products loaded with parabens and SLS’s.  More and more cosmetic companies are finally seeing the light and moving away from using ingredients that your body was never designed to handle.

Organic Skin Care by CelgenicsOrganic skin care is here to stay, so too is vegan skin care, they both tick the boxes for being great for your skin and great for the environment.

Getting rid of things you no longer need and beauty products are no different, creates a space for something new and better to come into your life. You know the saying – when one door closes another one opens. This can be true of relationships as well, how often do we look back and realise that what seemed a disaster when a relationship ended, turned out in the end to be the best thing that could have happened.