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New anti ageing recipe – Love Peace and Oxytocin!

Love Peace and Oxytocin 

Stress, no matter where it comes from, affects us on many different levels. We cope with it by producing cortisol and adrenalin which impacts our health and the health of our skin.  Think of the first date or the job interview where your appearance is crucial; how many times have you woken up with a spot the very day you don’t want one! We all know how our skin is often a barometer of how we feel emotionally.

The antidotes are love, peace and oxytocin!

Love and peace need no explaining, we all want love in our lives, we feel better when we’re at peace with ourselves; oxytocin though deserves much more explanation.

Oxytocin is of course the hormone that is released during childbirth, it causes mother’s milk to ‘flow’ and it helps mother and baby to bond.
But it’s not only childbirth that produces oxytocin – sex, massage, orgasm, even just loving touch releases oxytocin. It’s the opposite of the stress hormones. You feel relaxed, affectionate, more feelings of connection – it gives you a wonderful ‘feel good’ effect. And the knock on effect is that your whole body, your face and your skin all relax.

Love Peace and Oxytocin is the new anti ageing recipe!

Anti Ageing starts with love