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The Celgenics Story

“To the powerful theories of chemistry and physics must be added a late arrival: a theory of information. Nature must be interpreted as matter, energy and information”
Jeremy Campbell (Grammatical Man)

The journey of Celgenics – Skin for the Future – started in the world of complementary health and developed into the creation of natural organic skincare infused with ‘healing energy’!

Celgenics was created by Marian Bourne BSc (Hons), a Nutritional therapist, Kinesiologist and Cranio Sacral therapist, who worked for many years helping people back to health through the different disciplines she practices.

“I discovered time and time again that many problems of ill health relate to toxicity from the
thousands of chemicals and toxic substances we are surrounded by, exposure to toxic metals including amalgam fillings and from internal toxicity created by the presence of parasites, yeast infections and other gut pathogens.”

Many of her patients had serious health problems that conventional medicine hadn’t managed to get to the bottom of. It turned out that 9 times out of 10 the underlying cause was over exposure to chemicals.  Common examples were breathing in pesticides after farmers had sprayed farm land; people who had amalgam fillings for many years frequently had symptoms of ME and would describe themselves as being chemically sensitive; others would get ill washing their hair with shampoo containing sodium laurel sulfates; others would feel unwell in their local chemist or department store where they would be overwhelmed by the smell of all the perfumes; others were affected by the out-gassing from new paint, new carpets and curtains which contain a myriad of anti fungal agents and chemical preservatives.

Many were unable to wear ‘normal’ cosmetics or use traditional skin care products. Their skin would become itchy, red or blotchy and often they would feel nauseous. Most of them described their skin as being super-sensitive.

“I made my clients bespoke creams specifically suited to their skin type, with no toxic chemicals and being a Kinesiologist, I was able to test them on ingredients they couldn’t have. I was really excited that the creams were a great success, with many people being able to use a moisturiser for the first time ever”

The next step was a ‘light-bulb’ moment!

“I saw that not only could I make natural organic skincare, but I could also incorporate frequencies and vibrational energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences and crystals into my creams. I am a ‘results-driven’ therapist and I realised that everything I used in my practice would be equally effective in skincare.
Happily I was proved correct! The creams were a great success so I decided to make them available to everyone, not just my clients.”

Unlike all other skincare ranges, Celgenics skincare works with the electromagnetic field of the body which responds to vibrational frequencies and energetic remedies such as homeopathy and flower essences.

“Using the healing and regenerating properties of vibrational energy medicine in skin care is a new concept, but I believe that one day all skin care will be made this way!”