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Natural and Organic Skin Care with Healing Frequencies

If you like ‘thinking outside the box’, if you use Homeopathy or Flower Essences then you already know that energy medicine and healing frequencies work.

You know that we are all beings of light, that we vibrate at a frequency, that we resonate to other people’s frequencies and that we can be affected by other people’s energy.

You know that everything around us – trees, plants, animals, rocks, crystals, the earth itself – all emit energy and that we are part of this field of energy.

You know how good it feels to be hugged by someone who loves you, how good it feels to be touched by someone who loves you.

You know that we live in a ‘sea of energy’ that connects us all and that we all have access to it and we are all interlinked and interdependent and that “we are all in a matrix of information – a matrix of life”. [Stephan Schwartz]

Living in this field of information and energy was the inspiration for creating Celgenics. I never planned to create a range of skincare, I had the idea of simply infusing the products I made with love, peace and healing and sending this energy out into the world. It’s still my driving force and the reason I put the hours I do into working on Celgenics.

I wanted to create beautiful Natural and Organic Skin Care using Organic ingredients, without petrochemically dervived ingredients and infuse them with a recipe of loving energy and healing frequencies to touch the heart and make a difference to women’s lives.

Every time someone tells me how much their skin has improved or how they now use only Celgenics creams, it makes all the hard work 101% worth it.