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Luxury Facial Treatment

For the many years that I have been a therapist, whether I have been treating clients with chronic fatigue, migraines, headaches, long term pain and inflammation, I have always had a buzz when I made a change to somebody’s life. The joy of correcting somebody’s low thyroid problem, for example, without the use of thyroxine , which puzzles their doctor who doesn’t understand how I’ve done it has always been very satisfying!

So it’s equally satisfying now when I give a CELGENICS luxury facial treatment at Como Shambhala in Mayfair and get wonderful results that women can see and feel.  On page 35 of  Your Mayfair magazine below you can read the latest review:

I gave the journalist my new Energy Elixir for Firming and Toning  to try and here’s what she said:

One of the reasons for the delay in getting back to you (apart from Christmas and New Year) was because I have been using the products which you so kindly gave to me and because I could see that you were so passionate about your work, I wanted to tell you about the results so far. I have been using these products twice a day as recommended and I can clearly see that my skin does show signs of improvement. You were quite right when you said that the chin and jowl area would look lifted and feel so much firmer……………… Unfortunately, the jowl area is a problem for most women when they approach a certain age so I would definitely recommend your signature facial and products.

Now that is a result!