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Facts about healthy living – where do we learn them?

Facts about healthy living – where do we learn them?

How do those models manage to look so gorgeous in the glossy magazines? Of course, some of it is down to brilliant make-up but models make a living by how they look, so most of them make sure they follow a healthy living lifestyle.
What does that mean? It means different things to different people and it covers everything from diet, exercise, exposure to a toxic environment, emotional well being and spiritual well being.

In my practice I have clients who tell me they have chocolate for breakfast and drink 6-8 cups of coffee a day. Others live only on salads and vegetables because they’re on a diet and are unable to lose weight. Other people tell me they have toast for breakfast, sandwiches at lunch and pasta for dinner; the busy executive tells me she just has one meal a day but it’s ‘very healthy’. All of these people see their diet as normal and relatively healthy.

To some people it means going to the gym once a month, to others it’s going to the gym three times a week. For some it’s limiting their pizza and big Macs to once a week and to others it’s never touching anything that’s processed.
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Over the years I’ve come to realise that for most of us, our definition of what’s healthy comes from how we were brought up, it’s probably part of our DNA that whatever mum gives us is right, is OK, is good for us; after all she’s our mother. And if it wasn’t your mother who brought you up it’s still the same thing because as children we’re like sponges, absorbing and taking in whatever comes our way. What we learn – those ‘facts’ about healthy living – start seeping into us very early on.

So let’s not criticise people for what they put in the supermarket trolley or frown disapprovingly when they tuck into a big Mac. Facts about healthy living start being infused into our consciousness almost from the moment we’re born and it can take time to unlearn things we thought were normal as a child.