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Celgenics Couture Facials

As many of you know I spent a wonderful week at the luxurious Como Shambhala Urban Retreat at the Metropolitan Hotel on Park Lane, Mayfair in London, giving Celgenics Couture Facials to lots of journalists.

Como Shambhala is probably the best kept secret in London! People who know about it love it. Quiet, elegant and sophisticated with beautiful treatment rooms.

I developed the facial out of my work as a Cranio Sacral practitioner and the work I do treating long term injuries and pain using low level light frequencies.
As a ‘results driven’ therapist, I had to create a facial where you could see results and see them quickly!

Feedback from my clients helped me craft and tailor it to the treatment I’m now offering at Como Shambhala. It’s a luxury facial that is individually tailored to each person.

Here are 2 reviews about the facial:


Celgenics at Como Shambhala - Couture Facial gets great reviews

Celgenics Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Today was the first day of Celgenics Couture Facials at Como Shambhala.

Premium facial at Como ShambhalaI developed it out of my work as a Cranio Sacral practitioner, holding people’s heads and listening to their cranial rhythm, tuning in to what they needed and how I could be of service; I used my knowledge of acupuncture points and muscle tissue to create a treatment that would make changes at a cellular level; I saw that I could apply principles of using low level light therapy to literally feed the skin with light energy.

I spent a lot of time experimenting and putting all these ‘tools’ together to create a facial rejuvenation technique that I’ve called Celgenics Couture Facial. I use Elixirs that I create in my practice and mix whatever is needed on an individual basis so that it is truly a ‘couture’ experience. The Elixir for Toning and Firming that I have been testing over the summer has had amazing feedback and it’s one of the Elixirs I most often use.

I love seeing women so delighted at the change they can see and feel – smoother skin, a toned and lifted face – that has been achieved with no surgery, no needles, just touch!

Holistic Skin Care

Holistic Skin Care takes on a whole new meaning.

” There are certain lifestyle factors that make a big difference in our health and longevity. Body mass index, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, daily aerobic exercise, avoiding cigarettes and moderate alcohol consumption all can contribute to living a long healthy life. But there is mounting evidence that invisible factors of consciousness and intention – such as BELIEFS, FEELINGS, PRAYERS AND ATTITUDES – also play an important role in the epigenetic control of genes”.
From The Genie In Your Genes by Dawson Church PhD

If beliefs, feelings, prayers and attitudes affect our health which they do, isn’t it possible that they also affect the way we look, from the tone of our skin to the lines around our eyes? Could we change this through our thoughts, feelings and attitudes? This is truly holistic skin care.
Working at this level of emotion and intention will, I believe, be the next step in creating better health, better lifestyles and better skin! The ability to influence our cells through the power of energy is the backbone of how Celgenics started and why we get such fabulous feedback. Creating organic skincare and anti ageing skincare that works is all down to the energy we infuse into each product that gives it extra power for better efficacy. One day all skincare will be made this way!

Here is a video well worth listening to, settle down for an hour of great information from the author of The Genie In Your Genes.

What Organic Skincare Brand Inspires You?

Organic Skincare Brand was a no brainer!

What or who in your life is an inspiration to you?

This question popped into my head as I took a long walk along some country lanes in Portugal last week. When I saw the vibrancy of these stones and this gorgeous yellow lichen, it’s as if they were made for each other, their energy positively jumped out at you! Sadly a photo doesn’t really do it justice but it stopped me in an instant and this photograph tries to capture the energy I felt bouncing off this stone wall.

Organic Vegan SkincareI was struck how beautifully the two colours complement each other and that they would be a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone working with colour – clothes, fabrics, plastics, interior designers etc – which got me thinking about where we get our inspiration from. For some people, it’s feeling connected to water, woods, the sounds of birds, a beautiful country scene; others are inspired by music, others like Richard Branson are inspired by words. Apparently he was inspired by something Steve Jobs once said: “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

My inspiration to create an organic skincare brand and to power it with the energy from remedies in my practice came from many years working with ‘energy medicine’ and having proof of its efficacy in clients getting their health back. Organic skincare was a ‘no brainer’, why would you want to put anything on your skin that is toxic? Using the vibrational power of biochemical frequencies, homeopathy, flower remedies and much more….. was also, for me, a natural and obvious choice.
When I get feedback from customers telling me that they absolutely love what I’m doing and that their skin has changed, that’s another source of inspiration –  to create more wonderful products!
Who inspires you?

What Mask do you wear?

Sitting looking at these amazing rocks, open to the sea and the elements, made me think about how we women put on our Masks – the face we present to the world.
Vegan, Organic skincare by Celgenics

Many women feel embarrassed to be seen without make- up, it is literally a mask, a protective shield that defines how they want to be seen and perceived.

This is not a new phenomenon. Women have always worn jewellery or some form of decoration; you have only to go and look in the British Museum at the jewellery found by archaeologists, so it’s a small, short step to putting ‘decoration’ on our faces.

The problem for some women is that the face they present becomes ‘who’ they are, without it they feel vulnerable and anxious about revealing their flaws and imperfections. And as the saying goes “as above so below” so what we manifest outwardly to the world can become our internal world as well. We feel an increasing pressure to be perfect, to conform to the ever increasing messages of looking younger than our age; no wonder cosmetic surgery is such a huge industry.

So where does this leave us?

Stressed, feeling vulnerable and lacking self-esteem would tick the boxes for many women and they’re not conducive to having good health. Stress is now recognised as a major factor in many diseases and how we handle stress is key to our wellbeing.

Not having botox, not being airbrushed, not having photos touched up and being completely happy with herself is Helen Mirren, a wonderful role model for us all!

Next time: more about “as above so below”

The Joy of Burn Out

I haven’t posted for a few days as I decided I needed a break to re-charge my ‘batteries’. The realisation that I needed to do this before I hit ‘burn out’ reminded me of one of my favourite quotes by Albert Einstein:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I’ve also read that burn out is a spiritual ‘emergency’, that it’s an opportunity for change, an opportunity to redirect your life.Organic Vegan Skincare by Celgenics

When you sit and meditate in amongst these amazing rocks and feel their energy, when you know they’ve been here for hundreds of years at least and will be here long after you’re gone, it’s a humbling reminder that we are all a tiny part of this planet, that life CAN be lived as if everything is a miracle and that in doing so we all have our place here.

Not for long – so we need to make the most of our time here and do whatever good we can.

When I started Celgenics and had the idea of infusing the energy of love, peace and healing into organic skincare, of creating products that would be organic, vegan and be of benefit to how you feel as well as how your skin looks, this was my vision – to send the energy of love, peace and healing out into the world. This was a small footprint I wanted to make that would be of benefit.
In case you think that the idea of infusing products with energy is ‘woo woo’, is unscientific, is nonsense, it’s worth remembering that  Masaru Emoto  (who very recently died) showed that emotions could change the crystalline structure of water and it’s well documented that sending ‘healing energy’ to someone the other side of the world works.

So my vision of creating healing organic skincare is a reality.