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Organic Skincare with a Heart

Why do I do what I do?

I started Celgenics by accident – if anyone had told me 5 years ago what I would be doing now, I would have thought them mad! I’ve been a therapist for close on 20 years treating people with chronic health problems using a variety of different skills that I’ve built up over the years. I love helping people back to health and I love the different ways people choose to get better; this means that one person will prefer working with homeopathic remedies, another will want nutritional remedies, another will work with flower essences or aura soma oils and another will want a hands-on treatment such as the visionary Cranio Sacral work I do or Bowen Technique.

I digress!

The story goes like this – one evening I had a client who lay on my treatment table and told me she was going shopping for a moisturiser on Saturday – she hated shopping for skincare as she was allergic to everything that contained parabens or petrochemicals. Being a Kinesiologist I was able to muscle test her for all the ingredients she couldn’t tolerate. I then went away, did my research into what type of cream would be best for her and finally made it. To my great delight, she loved it! She then asked me to make creams as Christmas presents for her sisters in Ireland, happily they too loved the creams.

For a few months I sold creams to my clients and then I had my first light bulb moment.     Luxury skincare by Celgenics, organic, vegan and award winning

If the homeopathic remedies and flower essences etc that I used in my practice worked by taking them orally, then they would work equally well if they were absorbed into the skin! After all, that’s how hormone patches work.

I experimented. My friends tried them and the feedback was very good.

My vision

My next light bulb moment –  I saw that the energy I gave clients in my practice of love, peace and healing was something that could be infused into the water that goes into the creams.

If this stretches your imagination too far, it’s worth remembering that Creme de la Mer were the first company to work with energy – they infused their ingredients with sound and light frequencies and they still do so today. Creme de la Mer was founded by Max Huber, a NASA scientist. So it turned out I was unconsciously standing on the shoulders of a very respectable scientist.

My vision then, which remains today, is that I could send my creams out into the world carrying the message of love, peace and healing. That has always been my driving force and is the reason I continue to do what I do. 

Luxury Facial Treatment

For the many years that I have been a therapist, whether I have been treating clients with chronic fatigue, migraines, headaches, long term pain and inflammation, I have always had a buzz when I made a change to somebody’s life. The joy of correcting somebody’s low thyroid problem, for example, without the use of thyroxine , which puzzles their doctor who doesn’t understand how I’ve done it has always been very satisfying!

So it’s equally satisfying now when I give a CELGENICS luxury facial treatment at Como Shambhala in Mayfair and get wonderful results that women can see and feel.  On page 35 of  Your Mayfair magazine below you can read the latest review:

I gave the journalist my new Energy Elixir for Firming and Toning  to try and here’s what she said:

One of the reasons for the delay in getting back to you (apart from Christmas and New Year) was because I have been using the products which you so kindly gave to me and because I could see that you were so passionate about your work, I wanted to tell you about the results so far. I have been using these products twice a day as recommended and I can clearly see that my skin does show signs of improvement. You were quite right when you said that the chin and jowl area would look lifted and feel so much firmer……………… Unfortunately, the jowl area is a problem for most women when they approach a certain age so I would definitely recommend your signature facial and products.

Now that is a result!

Make me look beautiful!

The  cosmetic market is huge and growing every year. Every time we go out and buy a new cosmetic product, we buy it with a hidden agenda that we seldom acknowledge.

“Please make me look beautiful”

There was a very interesting study last year, by Esther Honig, a 24-year-old journalist based in Kansas City, Missouri. She sent an image of herself to 40 people in 25 countries with the request ‘Make me look beautiful. ‘  The results were photoshopped or at the very least re-touched and reflected the different ideas of beauty across a variety of cultures. Her before and after photos are here.

It’s probably entirely normal that we each want to be ‘beautiful’ according to the culture we live in but what happens when women have cosmetic surgery when the options for change are so diverse and without ‘boundaries’? For these women, an award winning eye cream or moisturiser will never be enough to keep the demons of old age at bay.

I think what drives cosmetic surgery is our deep need to belong, our deep need to be accepted and our deep fear of being rejected. It’s hard wired into us.  In ancient cultures, to be kicked out of your ‘tribe’, to have to fend for yourself and no longer belong to a community, no longer have the support of family and friends used to  mean inevitable  death. We didn’t survive as loners, with no-one to help us, no one to care for us, no one to even have a conversation with.

And so for many people now, the process of ageing taps into these ancient memories in our DNA, it awakens fears we didn’t know we had which are reinforced by the isolation that we see many older people having to endure, by the horrendous stories of abuse and neglect in care homes we hear about and and the pain of great loneliness and  loss of independence that affects so many.   There are many articles about older women feeling invisible, no longer a part of society so at a subconscious level, we feel that as long as we can remain looking ‘our best’ and being part of a community, which includes family and friends, colleagues, acquaintances, we feel connected and grounded and part of society.

So the efforts to ‘Make Me Look Beautiful’  are understandable. Although Cosmetic Surgery is not a route I would choose  I understand what drives many women to create a shopping list of ‘fixes’.

Women are still looking for miracle cures that will hold back time.

Award winning Eye Cream will never be enough



Pushing the boundaries of cosmetic science

A new approach  for award winning skincare

The idea that I could create skincare using frequencies which would create resonance and change in the body, is a hard concept for people to understand. My inspiration was from the work I do with clients in my practice where I use homeopathy, flower essences and other ‘energetic’ remedies.

Even though there is a much greater understanding and acceptance that energy fields exist and that we each have an energy field that can be influenced and changed, the idea that you can affect your skin with frequencies and energy is for some people a step too far.

It’s worth remembering though that Max Huber, a NASA scientist, started Creme de la Mer and it was his idea to work with the electromagnetic field of the body using sound and light frequencies. He understood that we are beings of matter and we are beings of energy. According to Dawson Church, author of Epigenetic Medicine, “electromagnetism pervades biology and there is an electromagnetic component to every biological process. … is the currency in which all transactions in nature are given or received”. Many of the Celgenics products are also infused with light frequencies, including our award winning Eye Cream ‘Eye Essential’ and our award winning ‘Best Facial Moisturiser’ Moisturiser Plus. They are all infused with frequencies for skin regeneration and healing.

Recently, I created an Energy Elixir for toning and firming; this is a product that is purely ‘energetic’, there are no conventional face cream ingredients, no oils, just an energetic essence made from plants, not dissimilar to using homeopathy or flower remedies. It works in synergy with Moisturiser Plus, my award winning Moisturiser and using the two together creates results that are amazing.  98% of the testers in a trial I conducted in the summer of 2014, gave me very positive feedback on how the Elixir had helped them.

This, I believe, is truly pushing the boundaries of cosmetic science, demonstrating that there are new paradigms and new concepts for skincare that are worthy of further research. When I first started, one of my mantras was, ‘one day all skincare will be made this way’.

Read more on electromagnetic fields


Toxic beauty – what’s in your Under Eye Cream?

Whilst there are many companies who now make organic products free from toxic chemicals that can harm our health, the biggest one who hasn’t is L’Oreal. They are promoting their products through Ovarian Cancer Awareness. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has identified a number of common carcinogens linked to cancer, many of which are found in L’Oreal’s cosmetics, anti-aging products and even baby shampoos.

Anti Ageing Night Cream

Nowadays, we know that our skin, all 10 square feet of it, is not a barrier but a carrier due to the great permeability of our skin. According to Dr Samuel S. Epstein, former professor of environmental health and chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition in USA, carcinogens in cosmetics pose greater risks for cancer than food contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals. The reason being that chemicals taken in orally are absorbed by the intestines and are then taken to the liver to be detoxified whereas chemicals absorbed through the skin go straight into our circulation and organs bypassing the liver. This after all, is why hormone patches work!

Surely, you’re saying to yourself, no one is putting carcinogenic ingredients into cosmetic and skincare products?
There are about 40 substances known as “frank” carcinogens and slightly fewer “hidden” carcinogens. “Frank” defines them as being listed on product labels albeit with complex chemical names that nobody understands, whilst “hidden” means they are not listed but they “hide” in other ingredients. An example according to Dr Epstein would be Lanolin, derived from sheep’s wool and used on babies, nipples of nursing mums and is commonly contaminated by DDT-like carcinogenic pesticides. An example of “frank” carcinogens would be DEA –Diethanolamine and coal tar dyes – Green 5, Yellow 6.

It’s time to check the labels of your best under eye cream, your favourite anti aging night cream and all your anti ageing skincare products.

New anti ageing recipe – Love Peace and Oxytocin!

Love Peace and Oxytocin 

Stress, no matter where it comes from, affects us on many different levels. We cope with it by producing cortisol and adrenalin which impacts our health and the health of our skin.  Think of the first date or the job interview where your appearance is crucial; how many times have you woken up with a spot the very day you don’t want one! We all know how our skin is often a barometer of how we feel emotionally.

The antidotes are love, peace and oxytocin!

Love and peace need no explaining, we all want love in our lives, we feel better when we’re at peace with ourselves; oxytocin though deserves much more explanation.

Oxytocin is of course the hormone that is released during childbirth, it causes mother’s milk to ‘flow’ and it helps mother and baby to bond.
But it’s not only childbirth that produces oxytocin – sex, massage, orgasm, even just loving touch releases oxytocin. It’s the opposite of the stress hormones. You feel relaxed, affectionate, more feelings of connection – it gives you a wonderful ‘feel good’ effect. And the knock on effect is that your whole body, your face and your skin all relax.

Love Peace and Oxytocin is the new anti ageing recipe!

Anti Ageing starts with love