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Best Under Eye Creams

Many people think that eye creams are a bit of a gimmick, created by the cosmetic industry to encourage consumers to buy more skin care products, but actually this isn’t true.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest layer of skin on the body making it incredibly delicate and sensitive. It’s much more prone to dryness and is one of the first areas on your face you start seeing the first signs of ageing.

They say that our eyes are windows to our soul – they’re a reflection to the world, to the people we meet, of our openness, our attitudes to life and our innermost emotional feelings.

The skin surrounding our eyes is where we see signs of tiredness and stress, whether we’ve been eating too much salt or drinking too much alcohol.

As we get older we lose collagen so this area is a crucial area to address as soon as possible. Don’t wait till you see signs of ageing, take preventive measures to help slow down the process.

How do you know what to choose as a good under eye cream?

First, look for eye creams that don’t have a lot of toxic chemicals – you’re not chemical deficient in treating your skin!

The best under eye creams will address puffiness, fine lines and will literally feed your skin with nourishing ingredients.

What we add to Celgenics Eye Essential is the healing energy from homeopathic remedies and flower essences to help with stress. As many of us spend too long sitting in front of a computer, I’ve also programmed the cream to help with tired eyes from the electromagnetic fields from computers, routers and wifi.

Best under eye creams from

Best under eye creams. organic, vegan energised skincare

Once you’ve found the best under eye cream that works for you, remember that you need to make sure you remove all your eye makeup properly before you go to bed.

Some people like to use their eye cream at night, but others find that using any cream around their eyes will cause them to wake up with puffy eyes; this is not necessarily the cream that is at fault, rather it’s your lymphatic system which isn’t working when you’re asleep and lying down. So if you’re one of these people, make sure to apply it generously in the morning. The Celgenics Eye Essential is easily absorbed through make up so some people do a top up at lunch time.

Finally, for your health and for happy looking eyes, find something every day you can laugh at. If you’re too busy to laugh, you’re too busy!