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Winter Skin – Bags under the eyes

Now is the time of year when we often start getting skin problems that we didn’t have in the summer and puffy eyes is a very common one:

Q What would you recommend to help reduce my under eye bags and puffiness – do eye creams help?

MB: Yes, the right eye cream can help but it’s important to  increase lymphatic drainage. Most women tend to think they mustn’t touch the area under the eyes because the skin is so delicate there; actually this isn’t true, you need to do circular movements around the eyes to get rid of the bags. 

The lymphatic system is like a hoover carrying away toxins to your gut to be eliminated but when we’re under stress, we get very acidic and our lymph system doesn’t drain well when we’re acidic. So unclogging it will make a big difference and massage is one way to do it.

The massage start at the base of the neck,
1. Massage across your collarbones towards your shoulders,
2. Down the side of your neck.
3. Massage downwards from in front of your ears down to the jaw. This starts to get the lymphatic system moving
4. Now you’re ready to start the massage around the eyes. Massage along the top of the eyebrows from the midline moving to the outer edge of the eyebrow
5. Under the eyes, massage with a rolling movement of two fingers from the outer corner of the eye to the midline and then massage back towards the outer corner again.
Do each of these movements about 6 times.

When you’ve finished the eye massage, reverse the order of the massage you’ve just done so that you’re clearing away the lymphatic fluid you drained to the outer corner of the eyes down to the base of the neck. Very often you can feel fluid moving down the back of your throat – this really helps with bags under the eyes, try it and let me know how you get on. 

The Organic and Vegan Eye cream I developed is programmed with biochemical frequencies to help with puffy eyes and bags under the eyes.  It was one of the reasons it won the Anti Ageing Award from the Beauty Bible.