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Pushing the boundaries of cosmetic science

A new approach  for award winning skincare

The idea that I could create skincare using frequencies which would create resonance and change in the body, is a hard concept for people to understand. My inspiration was from the work I do with clients in my practice where I use homeopathy, flower essences and other ‘energetic’ remedies.

Even though there is a much greater understanding and acceptance that energy fields exist and that we each have an energy field that can be influenced and changed, the idea that you can affect your skin with frequencies and energy is for some people a step too far.

It’s worth remembering though that Max Huber, a NASA scientist, started Creme de la Mer and it was his idea to work with the electromagnetic field of the body using sound and light frequencies. He understood that we are beings of matter and we are beings of energy. According to Dawson Church, author of Epigenetic Medicine, “electromagnetism pervades biology and there is an electromagnetic component to every biological process. … is the currency in which all transactions in nature are given or received”. Many of the Celgenics products are also infused with light frequencies, including our award winning Eye Cream ‘Eye Essential’ and our award winning ‘Best Facial Moisturiser’ Moisturiser Plus. They are all infused with frequencies for skin regeneration and healing.

Recently, I created an Energy Elixir for toning and firming; this is a product that is purely ‘energetic’, there are no conventional face cream ingredients, no oils, just an energetic essence made from plants, not dissimilar to using homeopathy or flower remedies. It works in synergy with Moisturiser Plus, my award winning Moisturiser and using the two together creates results that are amazing.  98% of the testers in a trial I conducted in the summer of 2014, gave me very positive feedback on how the Elixir had helped them.

This, I believe, is truly pushing the boundaries of cosmetic science, demonstrating that there are new paradigms and new concepts for skincare that are worthy of further research. When I first started, one of my mantras was, ‘one day all skincare will be made this way’.

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