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Award Winning Moisturiser

Award Winning Moisturiser

Who would have thought that a moisturiser I made some 4 years ago, as a one-off for one of my clients who was highly sensitive to the chemicals in conventional skincare, would turn out not only to be the starting point of Celgenics but would be an award winning moisturiser and win the award for Best Facial Moisturiser.

Award Winning Moisturiser from Celgenics.comWhen I think back to all the serendipitous events that somehow linked together and lead to the creation of Celgenics, I’m amazed at how it all happened and I’m even more amazed that what I created as an experimental one-off would become one of my ‘hero’ products and win a prize!

The award for Best Facial Moisturiser went to  Moisturiser Plus.  Award Winning Moisturiser from

I really value awards that are genuinely tested by independent women who make a judgement knowing nothing about anyone else’s opinions.
In fact, I’m doing exactly the same thing independently testing a new product – Celgenics Elixir No 3 that tones and firms.  According to 90% of the  feedback so far,  it works!  Could this be a future award winner in the making!