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Anti ageing night cream

Anti ageing night cream

For many people the idea that a cream could be both an anti ageing night cream that really nurtures your skin (and makes a difference) and at the same time be a cream that could help you get to sleep, is a concept that stretches the imagination too far for many people.

The idea grew out of my practice where I work with many energy medicine remedies and vibrational frequencies to help people find their health again.

Since sleep is one of the best things you can do to recharge your ‘batteries’, to rest and repair (at a cellular level) it’s easy to see why a cream that helps you to sleep would be so beneficial.

However, because it’s so ‘outside the box’, it’s not easy to explain this to people. So here are testimonials.


Getting your ‘beauty sleep’ is not just an old wives tale! You need sleep to repair and recover from the day.