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Affordable organic skincare

So many of us are now appreciating organic skincare, having gained a great understanding of the huge benefits that can be seen from using pure and natural products on our skin. But many of us are deterred from buying an organic skincare product due to the hefty price tag that often accompanies it.

Affordable Organic Skincare from

Celgenics Eye Essential

For me, affordable organic skincare should be accessible to everyone. Just because a skincare range is organic, why should it be expensive?

In a world of fast food, excessive pollution and ignorance about why we should be avoiding chemicals in our skincare, organic products should be the norm, not the exception. We should expect them to be free of toxic chemicals rather than having to promote them as something special.

What’s more, they should be easily available and at a price that everyone can afford.
For so long organic skincare, like organic food, has, let’s face it, been extortionately priced and exclusive – things are beginning to change though – organic food is much more available and affordable organic skincare is much more available as well.

Over many years as a therapist helping people back to health, one of the things that’s been very evident is how toxicity has such an impact on our health. A lot of my time has been spent detoxing clients to help with a wide range of health problems from bad backs, IBS, migraines and ME.

Toxicity comes in many forms – from breathing in petrol fumes, eating food that’s been sprayed with pesticides and of course from products we use on our body. What we put on our skin is absorbed and goes straight into our bloodstream. This means that things like parabens don’t get broken down by your liver but can be circulated around the body – including finding its way into the brain.

This is a health risk we should all be worried about so affordable organic skincare should be available for everyone.

You will often hear people saying they would absolutely love organic products to be the only skincare they use but they simply cannot afford it. Moisturisers, eye creams, toners and cleansing lotions are the basic elements of a skincare regime and we use them every single day of every single week throughout the year so they should be affordable; being chemical free shouldn’t bankrupt us!

Affordable organic skincare is slowly making its way onto our shelves, let’s send a message to the supermarkets and buy organic, that way we have a chance to make a difference to our health and ultimately a difference to the planet.