Fabulous testimonial

This is such an amazing testimonial it has a blog page all to itself:

“For as long as I can remember I have always had trouble with my skin. By trouble I don’t mean the odd spot like most “normal” people, I get horrible and horrendously painful spots. Yes this was worse during puberty,and people kept saying you’ll grow out of it, well I can say I never did. Since I’ve been of working age earning and spending my own money I have been on a mission to sort my problem out, and I can safely say I have probably spent too much on this quest.

Along this journey I have been prescribed such strong antibiotics I have been violently ill, i’ve tried so many wonder treatments and new gadgets at some of the top skin clinics in the area I’ve lost count and on a number of times whilst having treatments I have been brought to tears by unsympathetic and judgemental therapists who seem to think my issue is either poor diet, hygiene or both. Through out this time I’ve never shyed away from trying (within financial reason) any of the lotions, cleansers etc that come highly recommended- which there has been a lot.

I had given up on ever sorting this out, and had resigned myself to layering on my mac foundation when someone introduced me to the healing hands of Lynn. Lynn has the patience and the heart of a saint. The difference with Lynn was that she listened to me, to what I do, how I felt and she really cared and wanted to help. Just from working with Lynn and her healing hands my skin instantly changed, but there always something underlying, a flare up that could happen over night with no reason.

After working together for a while Lynn introduced me to a new range of products called CELGENICS At this time my skin had taken another turn for the worse with spots both on and under the skin, lots of blocked pores. I was also due to get married in three months and Lynn was determined to sort this out.

It took a lot of trust to try something new so close to my big day, and I have to say I was sceptical to start. I tried just a cleanser and toner to start with for 2 weeks, and then went for a check.

Celgenics winner

My skin literally changed over night. I remember the first time I used the cleanser I got quite annoyed with it because it took so long to get my skin clean- of course days after when my skin was already feeling and looking clearer and brighter I soon realised that was what my cleansers should have been doing all along.

Since starting on these products my skin is the complete opposite to where its ever been, they really are a miracle product. The difference it has made I can not be put into words, everything about my skin is different from pore size, to texture and how its looks (in comparison now I think it use to look greyish). I would say I’m quite a confident person, but especially at my wedding I just felt amazing.

Having tried too many products to count I can safely say my quest is finally over and I have finally found something that has made a real difference. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone else, especially to those like me who they think they are a lost cause because you’re really not, CELGENICS and Lynn at ROOM 92 [@whitstable92] are the products to change things for you too.  [[email protected]]