A good skin cleansing routine is key to perfect skin!

 Proper cleansing – there are no short cuts!

You might have already heard but Celgenics Deep Cleansing Lotion has been voted best cleanser in the Janey Loves Awards 2015! One of the most common questions we get asked by the lovely customers who use our Deep Cleansing Lotion is “what is a good skin cleansing routine”,  “how do you effectively cleanse your face” “Is there a right or a wrong way to do it”?
We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to use our award winning Deep Cleansing Lotion combined with our Classic Rose Water Toner to create a skincare regime that will protect your skin against its daily challenges and give you glowing,healthy skin that you will love.

The Deep Cleansing Lotion is designed to work deeply into your pores  to lift out even the most stubborn dirt and makeup. It can be used to remove both foundation and the more difficult makeup such as mascara and kohl. If you don’t wear make-up, it’s still important to cleanse especially if you live in a city where you’re exposed to traffic pollution; London is a great example of a highly polluted city!

The first step is to apply the cleanser to your face with light, circular movements of your fingers or use the cleanser direct on a dampened cotton pad. Once you have worked the product into your skin, we recommend using either cotton wool pads or a damp sponge to remove the cleansing lotion depending on your preference and what your skin likes best. You may prefer to use water for a refreshing feeling and to make sure that you have no excess product left on your skin. I designed the cleanser so you can use it either way; I’m old fashioned and I like to feel water on my face.

Our Deep Cleansing lotion is suitable for all skin types and is completely organic. Its key ingredients include organic castor oil, organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. You can grow your own Aloe Vera at home and use it if you burn yourself – it’s incredibly cooling and soothing. aloe vera plant

Castor Oil dissolves the oil and dirt that gets stuck in your pores; don’t worry if your skin tends to be oily, it won’t react negatively to extra oil, as this is the skin’s natural lubricant. Hormone imbalances and bacteria are more commonly associated with causing breakouts. The organic Aloe Vera we use is a healing remedy that has been used for centuries because of its beneficial properties; it works as an antimicrobial to protect the skin from bacterial infection. We also use Vitamin E, which is also extremely beneficial because it repairs and protects cell membranes against free radical damage.

To make sure that all dirt and make-up is removed from your face, we highly recommend double cleansing. This means that you cleanse your face twice using the cleanser. The first time will remove the surface dirt and make-up, the second time you really get deep into the pores which is so important. We incorporate an ‘energy recipe’ of cleansing frequencies into the cleanser which stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse at a very deep level.
After cleansing twice, we recommend you finish with our Classic Rose Water Toner. Rose water has been used for centuries for skin care and is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Apply the toner to your skin with a cotton pad in light, upward movements to remove any lingering, stubborn makeup.

We have formulated our Classic Rose Water Toner to work on any skin type. Key ingredients besides rose water are lavender, rosewood and sandalwood, which together work to soften and tone, stimulate cell growth and leaves your skin feeling extremely clean, refreshed and with a great feeling of rejuvenation.

If you cleanse like this for at least 2 weeks, you will see and feel the difference!