Healing Energy for Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare and Healing Energy

The basis of Celgenics is founded on energy. I believe that one day all skincare will be made this way.

How can it be otherwise? We are all energetic beings transmitting energy and receiving energy. We may not be aware of it but it’s happening all the time even though we’re not aware of it.

The most obvious way we react to energy is how we react to the energy of the sun’s rays and produce vitamin D as well as going brown.

When you go hospital for an ECG, you have the electrical impulses measured that are given off by your heart. The strength and timing of electrical signals are recorded as they pass through the heart.

Using a smart phone or tablet requires that the energy from your finger is recognised – wearing gloves usually doesn’t work.

Not only are human beings transmitters of energy, so too is everything around us; from trees and plants to the food we eat and the water we drink. If you’ve ever stood under a 1000 year old oak tree, you know that you can feel it’s age, you can experience the energy of the tree. It simply emits its presence into the world.

file0001282588388The energy of essential oils is similarly tangible – they have a quality that often reflects how they were produced and how they have been stored. Homeopathic remedies are literally energy remedies – they have been diluted to the point where they no longer contain any of the original substance – instead, they carry the energetic imprint of the original substance – this fact is hard for many people to accept and leads them to declare that homeopathy doesn’t work. The truth is stranger – the more a homeopathic remedy is diluted, the stronger and more effective it is!

Because I have worked for many years using homeopathic remedies to make changes to my clients health, my ‘Ah Ha’ moment came when I realised that I could enhance the efficacy of Celgenics skincare if I incorporated these energy remedies into the water that goes into the creams.
It wasn’t the only ‘energy’ transfer I made. I created a ritual that essentially infuses the creams with healing energy. They became something much more special than the sum of their ingredients.

I like to think of Celgenics as the Best Natural and Organic Skincare with purity and healing at the core of it’s being.