Celgenics Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Today was the first day of Celgenics Couture Facials at Como Shambhala.

Premium facial at Como ShambhalaI developed it out of my work as a Cranio Sacral practitioner, holding people’s heads and listening to their cranial rhythm, tuning in to what they needed and how I could be of service; I used my knowledge of acupuncture points and muscle tissue to create a treatment that would make changes at a cellular level; I saw that I could apply principles of using low level light therapy to literally feed the skin with light energy.

I spent a lot of time experimenting and putting all these ‘tools’ together to create a facial rejuvenation technique that I’ve called Celgenics Couture Facial. I use Elixirs that I create in my practice and mix whatever is needed on an individual basis so that it is truly a ‘couture’ experience. The Elixir for Toning and Firming that I have been testing over the summer has had amazing feedback and it’s one of the Elixirs I most often use.

I love seeing women so delighted at the change they can see and feel – smoother skin, a toned and lifted face – that has been achieved with no surgery, no needles, just touch!