Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

Are you someone who finds it hard to find a cleanser for sensitive skin? Do you have a problem finding one that really works to remove makeup but doesn’t strip your skin of its’ natural oils at the same time?

I used to be one of these people so I speak from first hand experience of knowing how hard it is.
Finding a cleanser for sensitive skin required me to try hundreds of different brands. Some did a great cleansing job but I felt I’d been attacked by a brillo pad, others hardly touched the small amount of make up I wear.

So when I created Celgenics, I knew I had to have a cleanser that would deeply cleanse and not strip my skin like paint stripper! I also had to create a cleanser that I could remove  either by washing it off or I could use cotton pads (I’m old fashioned!) and it had to leave my skin feeling ultra clean without being dry and tight. I’m happy to say that my deep cleansing lotion ticks all of my boxes!