Anti Ageing Skincare Products

Have you ever found yourself reading the small print at the bottom of an advertisement for amazing new anti ageing skincare products where you’re given the percentage of women who agree the product works? There’s usually a picture of a gorgeous model with flawless skin and a list of ingredients that defy pronunciation and understanding.

I often wonder how true the statistics are not least because, when I look at the list of ingredients I struggle to see the benefit of half of them!

A lot of the ingredients are derived from petro-chemicals; I find it incredible that so many women are happy to let their skins absorb products with so many synthetic and potentially toxic ingredients in them.

Anti ageing skin care products should certainly have active ingredients to make a difference. But I don’t believe that they need to be chemicals that your body will have to break down into a less toxic substance.

Celgenics Eye Essential 30ml

Celgenics Eye Essential

Did you know that carcinogens in cosmetics and skincare pose bigger cancer risks than food contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides. It’s no great surprise to me that so many women develop rashes and other adverse reactions when a product contains a laundry list of unnatural, toxic ingredients.

The skin is our biggest organ and it’s an organ of detoxification,  it’s sometimes called ‘our miracle coat’ because it’s strong yet soft, is semi permeable and reflects our state of health and state of emotional well being almost instantly.

My message is to use anti ageing skin care products that are as natural as possible. Getting older should mean getting wiser and that means making wise choices about what you should and should not put on your skin.

Treat your body and your skin like you would handle a piece of fine and beautiful lace – with care!