Sweet Almond Oil for Skin – My Desert Island Choice

Listening to desert island discs the other day, I asked myself the question “ if I could take just one oil to a desert island which one would it be?” I’ve no idea how long the guests on desert island discs think about this in advance of the programme, but for me the answer was very easy, Sweet Almond oil.

You might think that with all the amazing oils we can now get hold of I would have chosen something a little more ‘exotic’ or unusual  like Mullein or Mustard seed oil.

sweet almond oil for skinOn my desert island it will be hot, so mustard seed would be a very bad choice, it’s great to mix in to head massage oils or to add to oil blends for muscle aches and pains but used on the skin on its own, it causes reddening and it heats the skin which will be the last thing I need!   Mullein needs to be added to other oils such as jojoba to moisturise  or pumpkin seed oil when you need a lifting effect.

The beauty of Sweet Almond oil is that you can use it on its own; it doesn’t need to be mixed into anything.   Almonds and Almond oil go back to pre-Biblical times, it’s a skin care classic.   Rich in fatty acids and Vit E it’s good for all skin types. A little goes a long way as it’s slow to be absorbed into the skin, so while I’m waiting for a ship to rescue me from the island, I  can use it to moisturise my face and body, I can massage with it,  I can rub it into my scalp if I get dandruff…. it’s a perfect desert island companion.   

My perfect oil is one that I just had to use in Moisturiser Plus, my very first cream I made and which has won a Platinum award from Janey Lee Grace, passionate advocate of healthy living without chemicals.