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Good skin care products

What makes good skin care products?

Recently I’ve had the fortunate or unfortunate experience [it depends on your point of view] of walking through the beauty department of one of the big London department stores. I was overwhelmed by all the chemical smells as the sales representatives tried either to smother me with perfumes or entice me to try a sachet of some new magical cosmetic creation.

Coming as I do from a background of treating clients who are highly sensitive to chemicals of any description and having grown up myself in what I describe as a ‘chemical soup’ on a farm, you can imagine what this onslaught to the senses does to me – It’s a disaster!

Once upon a time I would have had to leave immediately. Fortunately I’ve done a considerable amount of detoxing over the years and my system can handle it. Apart from my obvious bias against chemicals for this reason, I do not believe that good skin care products – that is – skincare that will benefit your skin needs to contain a cocktail of chemicals.

You are not chemically deficient!

Chemicals/pharmaceuticals have their place and I for one want buckets of them if I’m in a car crash and need emergency treatment, pain relief or whatever else it is that will keep me alive for a bit longer. Good skin care products should contain ingredients that are your body can metabolise and use because  what you put on your skin is absorbed. Your skin is a carrier and not a barrier.

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Unlike chemicals that you might take in through food which are absorbed by the intestines and which end up in the liver to be detoxified, chemicals that you absorb through your skin go straight into your bloodstream and bypass the liver altogether. Chemicals like these have no place in good skin care products, not least because they could end up in your brain. And what they might do in your brain is a blog for another day!